Services for developers, investors and real estate owners

Analysis of a designed project and locality is the initial step. After evaluating of the investment purpose, we realize research of potential rents and consequent preparation of lease contracts. Coordination of technical surveillance and communication between a tenant and project engineer follow after the conclusion of the contracts with tenants. We also provide marketing services to clients to promote them.

Our goal is to provide the clients with a complex care by retail market real estate administration including reporting the results of which create part of the operative processes. 

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Project types

You can make use of our services by a broad spectrum of projects.

Our portfolio consists of various services the result of which is a fluent operation of real estates and return on investments.




Portfolio of services for developers, investors and commercial real estate owners


Designed project analysis

We will evaluate size and investment potential of your project. We will map options of supply services, required technical standard or size of rentable units. We design the most suitable mix of tenants and space layout of units according to the consumer behaviour.


Locality analysis

We will prepare the analysis of competition projects and attraction zone where your real estate is located. We will elaborate objective, detailed and functional strategy of growth of your project considering the options of its locality.


Research of potential rents

Thanks to our large database of the retail providers (more than 6300 contacts in Slovakia and Europe – Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary) we address potential tenants and agree on a negotiation on commercial terms with them.


Preparation of contracts and needed documents

Many facts that must be anchored in the official documents result from the business relations. We will prepare preliminary contracts, lease contracts, memorandum, letting status, head of terms and other documents and annexes for you, our client. 


Entering into a contract with a tenant

If the rentable units are to be occupied by suitable tenants, we will prepare lease contracts and related documentation. We have experience with several types of lease contracts thank to which we can operatively resolve all the potential problems.


Technical surveillance, communication between a tenant and a project engineer

In FORAX we will look after all the construction and design adjustments of individual rentable units. We will ensure fluent communication of requirements between a tenant and investor to achieve mutual satisfaction.


Design of presentation materials, marketing

We will help you with promotion and making your unit visible not only in the online world but also through print-outs and other sales support activities.



Based on detailed reports we will regularly inform you about earned sales and success rate of your units, we will prepare proposals for improvement and optimization of the costs, map the trends and opportunities in your segment.

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