Administrative and technical administration of real estates

Effective administration of buildings and real estates with emphasis on improvement of competitiveness in your segment.

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The most frequent problems of tenants


Real estate administration requires considerable costs the amount of which is not fix. Within our cooperation we will be happy to set the steps in such a way that the growing costs do not endanger your business.


Legislative changes are very frequent in Slovakia. However, failure to know them does not discharge you from the liability. Through the cooperation with us you acquire overview and certainty that all of the obligatory laws defined by the state will be fulfilled.


Today’s world is full of unexpected events that may endanger your business from day to day. It is therefore worth to have a partner by your side who will help you resolve such unpleasant situations successfully.
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Portfolio of services with focus on real estate administration


Inspection and maintenance of technological equipment

We regularly carry out inspections of all the technological equipment. We provide continuous maintenance and eventual repairs. If a tenant reports some problem, we mobilize ourselves and resolve the issue.


Revisions and professional technical inspections in compliance with legal requirements

We monitor current standards and supervise all the technical repairs and revisions defined by the law. We prepare time schedules of revisions and their consequent performance. We do not leave anything to coincidence and keep the buildings in a good condition.


Providing repairs – warranty and after-warranty

Every day bring smaller or bigger problems and therefore we are here and provide also regular repairs and maintenance to unburden our clients so that they can rely on us.


Emergency service and helpdesk

We provide 24/7 complex service. In the case of emergency or if a client cannot manage something, we are here to constantly help.


Safety at Work and related services

Safety first. Thanks to our suppliers we provide trainings stipulated by the law, realize input audit or regular inspections.


Processing and administration of operational documentation, regular reporting of status

We prepare and archive written agenda and correspondence related to the operation of a polyfunctional object. We process written notifications for the tenants. We issue certificates and documents for various purposes needed for state administration or other bodies.


Optimization of operating costs

We look for ways and solutions to optimize the operating costs to minimum. We care of the quality of heat cladding materials as well as revision or eventual replacement of water meters, heat meters or search for other saving measures. 


Year-long maintenance of exteriors

We emphasize the first impression and a positive view of the people does matter to us. In cooperation with our qualified suppliers, we provide grass cutting, arrangement and cleanness of exteriors of our polyfunctional buildings.


Interior maintenance and cleaning

The well-being of our owners and tenants in interiors does matter to us. It contributes to the successful business. Therefore, we take care of a regular disinfection, cleaning and cleanness of all the inner premises.

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