Services and solutions for tenants

Within the market process we represent the tenants and ensure their strategic allocation to potential retail units and business centres. We identify opportunities for your business network enlargement and represent you in the negotiations in further projects, we negotiate the most advantageous terms.

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The most frequent problems of tenants


Do you wish to be a part of a concrete project but you miss more detailed information about a concrete rentable premise? To meet your idea we will check the options and terms of rent in your selected projects.


Are you a part of another project and look for a better position, other size or different project? We will be happy to check the options and terms of relocation within your current place of operation.


Are you a part of a business premise but you are not happy with the result of the rent relationship? We will be happy to arrange everything needed to repudiate the contract with a current provider without useless problems and further costs and preserve the fair relations with a lessor.
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Services and solutions for tenants


Analysis of the required locality

We will analyse the locality where you want to locate your unit. The analysis will consider the mix of a tenant. We will evaluate existing and prepared projects and propose the most optimal solution for you.


Representation of a client in negotiations, preparation of reports for a tenant

We are a strong support for our clients by negotiations. They can rely on us in every aspect. We will communicate the topic with the third party and prepare all the necessary documents. Consequently, we will elaborate the reports that we hand over to the tenants and management


Monitoring the expansion options in Slovakia

Based on your expansion requirements we will monitor in detail further options for positioning of your unit in the Slovak Republic.


Client relocation

In order to keep your competitiveness, we will be happy to design new solutions for you. If needed we propose a relocation of your unit together with a detailed business strategy for sustainability and better profitability of the units. 


Interior design

If you lack idea about how your unit should look like, we ensure high-quality architects who will care of design, visualisations or the interior realization. The entire procedure and communication among the individual project managers will be coordinated by us for you and “through your eyes.”


Administration of technical equipment

We will care of technical matters related with the flawless functioning of your unit. We will ensure smooth communication between you and administrator of the premises in such a way that the desired consensus is reached on both sides.

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